One More Day- A Magical Story: Part 1 of 4

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Taken 1/2 mile be fore he died.  Photo by K. Johnson, for Idaho Statesman.

My son. Taken 1/2 mile be fore he died. Photo by K. Jones, for Idaho Statesman.

I have recorded dreams about my son David since he died in 2004. Lately, I’ve been concerned that my dreams have dwindled quite a bit. However two weeks ago I was blessed with a vivid dream. I walked into the living room, and David was sitting on my couch, wearing his black Revolution tee shirt. “Hi, Mom,” he said. I was so happy to see him. Surprisingly, I had the same dream two more times in the next few days. I was happy, thinking this was a visitation dream, what some consider to be a type of dream where our loved ones who have passed on visit us in our sleep and talk to us, as opposed to a regular dream.

                A few mornings later, after having showered and dressed, I walked into the living room. There on the couch was David in his Revolution tee shirt and blue jeans! I gasped loudly and fell to the floor, my heart pounding in my chest. Was I dreaming? David said, “Mom, don’t be scared. It’s me, you aren’t dreaming. I was given permission to visit you for a day.”

                I was crying and couldn’t get off the floor. David walked over, knealt down and helped me to my feet. He was real. His physical presence was solid. We hugged a long time while I wept on David’s shoulder. He cried too, although he tried to hide it from me.

                After what seemed like an hour, when my heart beat returned to almost normal, we sat down on the couch. “I can’t believe this, “ I said. “I’ve hoped and prayed for this for eight years, but knew if I did see you I’d be scared and might have a heart attack.”

                “I know it’s shocking,” he said. “I tried to give you a heads up about this visit in your dreams. I couldn’t email or call you in advance,” he laughed.

                “I got the dreams,” I said. “I remember the only other time I had a prophetic dream, it came in a group of three dreams. I was 10 and my cat had been missing for a week. We assumed she was dead. I dreamed three times that the cat woke me up when she hopped on my bed. One morning she really did hop on my bed. How long can you stay?” I asked.

                “About twelve hours. No one else can see me on this visit, so I’ll have to go before Howard gets home.”

To be continued……….

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