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I drank in the sight of my son, David. He looked just like he did the last time I saw him the day before he died— a handsome age 24, although he looked more like 20. Short black hair, beautiful blue eyes, a tan, chiseled face, thin and muscular. I was speechless.

                Finally I asked, “How did you find me at my new house?”

                “Well,” he chuckled, “I hear you talk to me every morning in the room you’ve designated as ‘my room,’ and you gave me the address when you moved.”

                “When you died I thought I could never leave the Meridian house because that was a house you had been in, and what if you came to visit and couldn’t find me? So it was hard to leave that house.”

                “I can see you and also hear you when you talk to me. I can see Dad, Amy and her family, and my friends as well.”

                “I hope you don’t see me at my worst, when I’m swearing and such.”

                “No, I don’t see you when you wouldn’t want to be seen, or in private moments.”

                “What have you been doing? Tell me all about it,” I asked.

                David told me he did indeed kayak where he was, that the rivers were huge and the scenery was gorgeous. He kayaked with his friends who had also passed, Daniel, Charlie, Matt, Toby, Gordon, Ray, Walt, Eric, Kelly, and others. He also kayaked with other boaters who he had not met on this side. There was a large brotherhood of boaters.

                “Also I was there when Grandpa came,” David said. “You should have seen the happy reunion he had with Grandma. I’ve been with her and her heart ached for you when I died. She saw you and knew how hard it was and saw how brave you were. I’ve also met my great grandparents. Grandpa Ray was especially excited to meet his great grandson.”

                “I know,” I said. “ Your great-grandpa always wanted me to hurry up and get married so he could meet his first great grandchild. But he died before I married.”

                “Mom, I’m sorry about the Parkinson’s and you’re having to retire from the Philharmonic before you wanted to, but I’m happy you’re enjoying your retirement from your job. I’m really amazed at all you do, but that doesn’t surprise me, you were always that way.”

                “Thanks sweetie. Did you see me travel to England, France, Hawaii, Peru, China, and Egypt?”

                “Yes! I was along with you on all of those trips. That was fantastic. And I was surprised when you took up motorcycling with Howard. I was along on those three great road trips, too. Way to go! I’m proud of you.”

                “I was hoping you could find out about that. You know I’m scared in big winds, but other than that, it’s so much fun.”   

to be continuedRa David 03  

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