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Okay, my one vice is watching a soap opera.  For 35 years— One Life to Live. Yes, an educated middle aged (at least!) woman, who loves to read, write, and travel the world, indulges in such a colossal “waste of time.” I can’t help it; the plot, however silly and unrealistic, got me addicted, oh so many years ago. I will miss Bo and Nora, Vicki and Clint and their children, and especially Rex, the raffish-looking 30ish young man with the errant blonde hair. I still have Castle and Harry’s Law to look forward to, but those are night time shows. (Incidentally,  the star of Castle used to be on OLTL.) 

I dreaded this day three months ago when I first heard the news. What?! For a woman who watches about 10 hours of TV a week, is 40 minutes a day (I DVR it and fast forward the commercials) of my favorite mindless past time too much to ask for?  During half of those 10 hours I’m folding laundry, doing dishes, dusting, or organizing paperwork. I’ve lost my favorite shows starting with Frasier several years ago, then Lost a couple of years ago, and this year, also Desperate Housewives will be leaving us. At least those series have DVDs  of all the seasons. But not OLTL. I will go cold turkey Monday.  I’ll not take up another soap opera— for a while at least. And most certainly not one on ABC; I refuse to watch General Hospital.  Let ABC see what a big audience OLTL had!  Even Oprah is gone so I won’t be replacing it with that. Maybe I can use the extra time to write my own soap!




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  • Sharon DeLong


    Lovely memories of David and beautiful writings Rae Ann!
    You are very talented and a loving mother!


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