I’m Moving to a Cave!

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The other day, I was on the computer from 5 a.m. until 2 p.m., less one hour for breakfast and a few chores. I’m retired, so why is it that I spend more time at the computer than I did while I was working full-time?

            I wasn’t mindlessly surfing the net. I paid some bills on-line, updated my Quicken, weeded out my e-mails by deleting some right off the bat, responding to some, postponing responses to others, and archiving some. I try to keep less than 50  e-mails  on the screen. I updated my Facebook page, worked on a blog post, and ordered a book form Amazon. Next I began searching for airline tickets to go visit my grandkids. I called to find out how many  frequent flyer points  I had on my various airline accounts and discovered I have four free flights available.

cave  Things got interesting with United when I found out I have two mileage accounts with them.  I have over 50,000 points with the two accounts combined. (I found out 50,000 points  doesn’t even buy a round trip ticket to Europe any more, just a domestic flight).  The staff person advised me to merge the two  accounts in order to use the points. I had a difficult time understanding the heavy accents of both people I talked to. I’m pretty sure one said it would cost me $200 to have them merge the accounts for me. I said I wasn’t interested, so she referred me to the page on their website with instructions for merging mileage accounts.  

            She then said, “Have we helped you solve your problem today?” I said, “If I’m able to figure this out on my own.” She laughed and said she was sure I could. I had the username and password for one of my accounts, but not the other. After clicking on “forgot my password,” they e-mailed me a password for the account that I already knew the password. I haven’t resolved the issue, now five days later. 

            I grew more frustrated throughout the day on the computer and phone, until I was almost ready to pull my hair out. I decided I wanted to simplify my life by throwing away the phone and all electronic gadgets—particularly the computer— and move to a cave. With a few conditions—the cave would have a comfy bed, modern indoor plumbing, AC and heating, lots of books, and  a small TV. Is that too much to ask?

 Can anyone relate to this?

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