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Journeys on the Edge: Living a Life that Matters by Walt Hampton came to my attention at a writing seminar I attended in Boise a couple of years ago. The author, Walt Hampton, was one of the speakers. He spoke with passion about setting and achieving goals, living a life that matters, and doing what you love. I was on fire after hearing him, and bought the book. Not only was the book inspiring, but it reminded me of my son David’s life. David left college after one semester to pursue his passion, extreme kayaking. He had kayaked for five years, and now at age 19, wanted to try to support himself in the sport, which he did. We were blessed that he chose to get off the college treadmill, and follow his heart. He died about five years later in a triathlon, doing what he

Walt too, made choices in his life to follow his heart. Already a successful attorney, he yearned to have the time to devote to one of his passions, mountain climbing. He has since conquered four of the world’s Seven Summits. In addition, he is a talented adventure photographer, and is Director of Summit Success and Founder of the Positive Leadership Academy.

The book is full of motivational examples of what can happen in our lives when we make choices that enable us to be true to ourselves, pursue our passions, and live life with purpose. I am a compulsive highlighter when reading non-fiction books. I wanted to highlight most of the book as it rang true to me, and as I mentioned, reminded me so much of my son’s philosophy of life. There are too many inspirational phrases in the book to quote them all, so if you are interested to know more, you will have to read the book. It starts out with a chapter entitled: “Resuscitating your dreams: remembering what rocks your world.”

Take the time to read this book. It will be worth it.

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  • Rae Ann Norell


    Thank you, Marsha. You make good comparisons with writing and extreme (or other sports). Both take
    perseverance, skills, dedication, practice, motivation, planning, and passion, etc. My son
    has been my inspiration and motivation for many things in life.


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