Adventure: Life is short— live it to the max!

Follow your dreams and passions— never settle for less than the full experience.

Adversity: we will all face adversity of some kind.— when it happens, be gentle with yourself.

Allow yourself time to heal.

With support and patience you can eventually recover and live life to the fullest again.

Which brings us back to: Adventure!

When my son, David, died unexpectedly at age 24, I felt as if the wind was knocked out of my body—my life was turned upside down.

I had to walk through the valley of despair to get to the other side where I could hope again.

Taking inspiration from my son’s short, but adventure-filled life, I learned that I could cope— and more than cope— I could thrive and enjoy life again.


David’s motto: “You only live once, so Live it!”

I enjoy sharing what I have learned on this journey about : grief and loss, how to turn adversity into strength, and how to learn to live again.